21/08/2021 filippo
Kairos – Master’s Thesis project

Kairos is a Peer-2-Peer capable framework for end-to-end verifiable voting systems, started as a fork of Helios by Ben Adida (https://github.com/benadida/helios-server) and eventually re-designed from scratch. Github repo: https://github.com/biscofil/kairos_php Thesis…

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04/05/2020 filippo
Standing Desk

Hardware + software capable of controlling a custom made standing desk, which can be raised or lowered by two 24V linear actuators. The two linear actuators are connected to an…

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26/03/2020 filippo
Model Rocket

Inspiring videos: SpaceX rockets landing autonomously, inspiring video of a Falcon 9 RC model hovering. Physics simulator We make use of a custom C++ physics simulator that makes use of…

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09/01/2019 filippo

Ads-b data: https://www.rtl-sdr.com/adsb-aircraft-radar-with-rtl-sdr/ Raspberry Pi with an USB Nooelec NESDR SMArt v4 SDR module. When listening for NOAA signals, in order to achieve a cleaner signal, we can ditch the…

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27/03/2016 filippo
Motion Control rig

Motorized slider for motion control. Motion Control Rig Stepper motor, timing belt, pulleys and ball bearings. CAD file with linear bearings. The slider can be remotely controlled by means of…

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