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24 hours a day are not enough

21/08/2021 filippo
Kairos – Master’s Thesis project

Kairos is a Peer-2-Peer capable framework for end-to-end verifiable voting systems. Github repo: Thesis in PDF: Kairos implements a modular structure which allows to handle multiple question types,…

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24/07/2021 filippo
Wannabe Cubesat

The model contains a MPU6050 Gyro + Accelerometer and BMP280 pressure sensor which communicate with an arduino nano via the I2C bus. The Android app receives packets sent by the…

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26/03/2020 filippo
Model Rocket

Inspiring videos: SpaceX rockets landing autonomously, inspiring video of a Falcon 9 RC model hovering. Physics simulator We make use of a custom C++ physics simulator that makes use of…

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