filippo 26/06/2017

Qmanager is a whole portable offline infrastructure designed for kitchen/bar order management for public events.

It is composed of a physical Linux server and a bunch of clients (Raspberry Pi) that run custom written Java Applications capable of communicating with the API endpoints provided by the server. They also have a implementation for low-level serial communication with EscPos USB receipt printers.


It was a long time ago. It had to be cheaper than free, as the volunteering organization had no budget. It was written in no time, no code versioning, deployed with Samba and FTP. No tests, a true nightmare. Nevertheless, it worked like a charm πŸ˜€

Nerd details

  • Codeigniter + Jquery ( good old times πŸ˜€ )
  • Java applications
  • Server also working as kitchen backend ( Big NONO, don’t do it!!! )
  • Kitchen receipt printed through Rs232 printer and CUPS … ( ….Parkour! … )
  • Air horn sound on order submit ( worth every minute spent on it!! )
  • Dedicate client polling server and displaying currently served order number

User Interface

Admin backend UI